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Continuous Chemical Aerification, Black Matter Treatment, Odor Treatment


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A proprietary formula, primarily consisting of peroxide and glycolic acid. Operates more effectively than both main ingredients, and in a variety of ways. Use rates are very low, typically 1/2 to 1 part per million which is just over a pint to a quart per acre ft. of water. Application rates are  calculated linear to the source water's total bacteria, with supplemental product added for curing soil conditions should they exist. In cases where soil conditions are heavily compromised by black layer, needle aerification is recommended. 


For Agriculture. WaterSOLV BC drives oxygen and water into the soil profile without oxidizing organic matter, including roots.  Plants, roots, leaves and blades do not yellow.  Used in combination with WaterSOLV Curative, peracetic acid is formed for even more effective results. Overuse in agriculture could be detrimental to favorable bacteria.  Application is recommended continuous based on water quality. Water quality should be tested by total Bac T or Heterotopic Plate Count (HPC), followed by soil evaluation for sulfate bacteria (black layer/matter). May be applied topically and also in conjunction with WaterSOLV Curative when properly diluted in water, and washed into the soil immediately followed by irrigation. 


For Water Wells. Application rates vary significantly, from 3,000 to as much as 72,000 ppm with in some cases 1 to 2 and even three applications. Application of the product is multiple, initially to prevent the spread of organisms throughout the well when brushing a well, followed by remediating the well with additional chemistry by brushes, plunging and allowing sufficient time for the solution to work - soak time, chemical retention. WaterSOLV BC is extremely effective at wicking into masses for deep cleaning and where exposure time is most effective. The more matter that is removed, the longer the well will operate at higher efficiencies.


Water Treatment and Soil Curation of carbonate and oxide bound minerals, sodium and chloride, evaporative salts, hard pan, bound up soil profiles and compromised infiltration.  


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A proprietary formula, primarily consisting of muriatic and glycolic acid. While muriatic acid adds some chloride, the amount is negligible and not problematic even in long term use due to the characteristics of the total program.


For Agriculture. WaterSOLV Curative nutrient value is Grade 0-0-0 yet the way it operates, bound up nutrients in the soil become available, similar to how rain releases bound up nutrients. No build up of unwanted constituents like sulfur or nitrogen. When water evaporates, by nature, minerals agglomerate, nucleate and grow crystals (just like the elementary school crystal growing project). When minerals are treated with n-pHuric or sulfuric, the evaporative crystals become increasingly denser and less soluble in water resulting in increased demand of their  product year over year to finally requiring the addition of gypsum or micronized calcium (force feeding calcium), all along compromising nutrient uptake, nutrient availability, yield and product quality. WaterSOLV is multi-functional; a) ion exchange with carbonate (alkalinity reduction), to form stable ions that stay ionic and do not crystallize. These modified ions easily transport through the soil with water and are in a chemical form more suitable for plant uptake. Because affected ions do not crystallize, plants continue to push in extreme heat, show no signs of heat stress, use less water and tend to grow uniformly, bigger, more yield and grade 1. This same functionality occurs on the soil, converting bound up scale and fertilizer to available nutrient. b) Sodium is managed with the proprietary solution by ion exchange as well, attaching to the electron of Na, rendering it inert. In turn, sodium releases and readily flushes through the soil profile with water. By preventing the formation of scale and stabilizing sodium, sodium is also no longer bound or harbored by products in the soil. Water infiltration and retention is vastly improved, as is product vitality, nutrient availability and uptake, yield volume and product grade. Flushing salts becomes a reality and with less time and less water while delivering a better product (ag, turf and ornamental). WaterSOLV is applied linear to makeup water quality of Total Hardness, mg/l + Total Alkalinity, mg/l / 200. Supplemental product is added for soil curation, the amount depending on client objectives and budget.  

For Water Wells and Descaling. WaterSOLV Curative is effective at dissolving a variety of scales found in water wells and industrial applications. Carbonate scale is dissolve on just hours, where oxide scale requires about 72 hours soak time. Application rates vary based on the quantity and type of scale, ranging from 1/2 to 3% for the chemical reactions desired to as much as 30%. Typically, scrubbing is not beneficial where plunging may be. Fracking scale and nodules prior to use can be advantageous. NOTES: 1. PRIOR TO DESCALING, ANY SLIME PRESENT SHOULD BE REMOVED AS SLIME WILL BLOCK THE ABILITY OF THE ACID TO REACH THE SCALE.  2. DUE TO SATURATION, IT IS SOMETIMES BETTER TO DESCALE WITH LESS ACID AND MORE WATER MULTIPLE TIMES. 3. FOR ADDED PROTECTION OF METAL SURFACES, ASSURE THE PRESENCE OF PHOSPHATE AS PO4. 4. TO PREVENT CHLORIDE CORROSION AFTER DESCALING, FLUSH OR WATER BLAST SURFACES WITH SODIUM BICARBONATE AND WATER. HCT offers an assessment and recommendations program for water well rehabilitation and descaling operations (including chillers and heat exchangers).