WaterSOLV™ Curative & WaterSOLV™BC 

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Solutions for Black Matter, Fairy Ring, & Shell Clogged Sprinklers at Westbrook Village Golf Club
















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“First summer in seven years that we haven’t have to remove a single sprinkler head because of shells.”









WaterSOLV™ Curative Dissolution Rate











WaterSOLV™ Curative 



Remediates hardness, salt and mussels in water and the deposits left behind, preventing mineral nucleating and crystallizing. Reacted minerals and dissolved mussel shells are taken up by the turf as nutrients. Sodium ions are stabilized and minerals barriers broken down to release and actually flush salt and chloride. The mechanism of action is ion exchange; alkalinity reduction replacing carbonate, forming stable ions that prevent mineral nucleation and crystallization - donating a proton to the free electron on salt - breaking down soil cake and allowing salt and chlorides to actually flush through the soil profile.  



  • Sodium stabilization by proton donation to its free electron

  • Enhanced turf growth and propagation

  • Quicker turf recovery  

  • No noticeable heat stresses

  • Compliments turf transition

  • Compliments plants, shrubs and trees

  • Utilization of complexed minerals into available nutrient – hard water is now valuable

  • Reduction of chlorides and sodium

  • Does not contribute residual complexes like sulfate, phosphate or nitrates

  • Increased solubility, transport and uptake of fertilizers and nutrients

  • Cleans irrigation pipes and drip lines

  • Increased water penetration, less runoff, more moisture retention in the soil



  • State of California, Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA)

  • Auxiliary Plant & Soil Substitute (ASPS)

  • Department of Food and Agriculture for every state west of the Mississippi River


Application & Use:

Continuous application predicated on water treatment with additional products for mussels, scale or soil curation until curation is complete. Use is typically less than 1 gallon per acre ft. of water (3 ppm).  



(total hardness + total alkalinity) / 200 = ppm treatment.

Divide by 3 for gallons per acre foot.

Multiply gallons per acre foot by 9.56 for lbs per acre ft. of water.


Storage and Handling:

DO NOT APPLY IN GREATER CONCENTRATIONS WITHOUT CONSULTATION AS FLAKE PLUGGING CAN OCCUR. DO NOT MIX WITH ANY OTHER CHEMICALS WITHOUT ASSURING COMPATIBILITY. Similar to hydrochloric acid, inhibited to reduce corrosion of metal and organics. Vapor is corrosive. In case of contact, flush with water and contact a physician if in eyes or an irritation persists. Fresh water must be readily available with 5 seconds in case of contact. Thermal and freeze thaw stable. Neutralize by diking spill and adding bicarbonate, soda ash or caustic soda. MUST be stored in a well-ventilated area. Mechanical ventilation is not reliable. Refer to the SDS prior to use.


Packaging & Availability:

Available in 5 gl. pails, 55 gl. drums, 275 gl. totes, mini-bulk and bulk.


All containers are one-way, no deposit and suitable for potable water use when properly cleaned and disinfected. 


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WaterSOLV™ BC – Bio Cleaner




Hydrogen peroxide catalyzed and organically inhibited to prevent corrosion and the oxidization of organic matter. Contains dispersants and sequestrants and surfactants. WaterSOLV™ BC penetrates slime, films, and tuberculation while suppressing corrosion, for deep penetration and deep remediation.


Alloys, rubber, and plants are safe from oxidation, corrosion and turf is safe from yellowing. 


Used in water for agriculture, horticulture, turf, water wells, reclaimed water systems, car wash water reuse and black layer on turf and soils. Cleaner for attached slime, polysaccharide, tuberculation, nodules and black matter. 


  • One of the most aggressive and effective cleaners

  • Extremely effective and economical

  • Penetrating and wicking for deep and long lasting results

  • Substantially more effective than a bio-dispersant or disinfectant 

  • Mitigates black slime and hydrogen sulfide gas (rotton odor)

  • Biodegrades to oxygen and water in 7-21 days

  • Extremely fast acting 

  • Increases efficiency of other additives and water exposed equipment 

  • Enhances the longevity of equipment and piping

  • Does not require neutralization or disposal

  • Naturally pickles / passivates metal surfaces including mild steel

  • Compatible with aerobic bacteria

  • Promoted an aerobic (oxygen) environment combating anaerobic / anoxic conditions 


Drip lines, Turf, Agriculture Applications:

Apply continuously with the irrigation water using the following formula. Use is typically less than 1 liter per acre ft. of water (1 ppm).


((Sulfate / 100) + (total bacteria exponent)) *.25 = ppm WaterSOLV™ BC


Properties & Handling:

Where metal surfaces come in contact, do not use less than the recommended amount as inadequate corrosion protection could occur. ALWAYS WATER FLUSH SYSTMES PRIOR TO USE TO AVOID UNEXPECTED CHEMICAL REACTIONS. HCT provides the product in the most concentrated forms reasonable to minimize shipping water. WaterSOLV™ BC must be stored upright, closed cap, preferably not in direct sunlight and where in confined space or near incompatibles. Should be placed in double containment. Potable water wash stations should be readily available. 



5 and 55 gl. containers. All containers are one-way, no deposit and suitable for re-use with potable water when properly cleaned and disinfected.